Guardianship is a legal process utilized when a loved one is no longer able to make or communicate safe and sound decisions about their person and/or estate. The guardianship process can be cumbersome and complex. We assist guardians in their appointment by the court, in meeting their periodic reporting requirements and management of a person’s health and estate, as well as ensuring they faithfully fulfill their duties with the highest standard of care.... Read More
The loss of a loved one is a stressful and emotional period that we inevitably face in our lives. Washington state’s probate laws provide an orderly process for gathering and transferring a decedent’s assets. We represent and assist personal representatives and administrators in faithfully carrying out their loved one’s wishes and in fulfilling their fiduciary duties to estate heirs and beneficiaries. We also represent individual heirs and beneficiaries to ensure that they receive their distributive share of a decedent’s estate.... Read More
Not everyone has a loved one in which they can trust or that is willing and able to assist them with the management of their day-to-day tasks and estate management. We provide fiduciary services that are bound both legally and ethically giving you the confidence that we will always advocate for you and your best interests. The fiduciary services we provide include bill paying, management and investment of assets, health management, applying for services and benefits, management of property, clean-up […]... Read More
We at Comfort Davies Smith & Crawford P.S. know the importance of good planning and want to help you ensure that your wishes are carried out as you fully intend. In addition, making those inevitable end of life choices now will provide you and your family members piece of mind. The planning process can be complex; however, planning for your future could help you and your family avoid uncertainty and confusion. Our attorneys have the necessary experience to assist you […]... Read More
We cater to businesses large and small at Comfort Davies Smith and Crawford P.S.. Our clients rely on us to handle business formation, commercial litigation, employee discrimination, licensing, and compliance matters. With years of experience, we will efficiently and effectively handle your legal matters so you can focus on running your business.... Read More
Our attorneys cumulatively have over 40 years of experience advising agents, purchasers and buyers in both commercial and residential real estate matters. Our talented attorneys are prepared to walk you through every stage of a real estate transaction. We are ready to guide you through simple to complex purchase and sale agreements, easements, boundary line adjustments, real estate disputes, Landlord-Tenant matters, and commercial evictions.... Read More
Elder abuse and exploitation are unfortuatly prevalent in our society. Our firm can represent you in advocating to protect a vulnerable adult from abuse and exploitation, or rectify issues surrounding elder abuse. In addtion, Comfort Davies Smith & Crawford P.S. is experienced in representing clients involved in litigation in probate, guardianship, trust and TEDRA litigation matters with compassionate advocacy in the court room and by collaborative agreement where reasonable and appropriate.... Read More